Friday, December 22, 2017

Our Bicentennial Crisis by Pete Davis

Our Bicentennial Crisis

Pete Davis, Harvard Law Class of 2018, has written a compelling book on the current crisis in our legal education system. 

“Our Bicentennial Crisis” focuses on Harvard Law School, but in greater context is an examination of our culture and educational system.

Mr. Davis breaks down our legal education situation into historical, current, and future perspectives. His call to reform and refine the current system is a dissection of our legal culture. A culture which has grown to exclude citizens from the most basic of legal services due to the unbearable cost of litigation. His solutions are workable, but will probably not win too many converts among the legal crowd.

I highly recommend reading his book.

You can get it as a PDF download through this link:

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Going Dutch, Trials of a Wage Slave, first video

I wrote "Going Dutch, Trials of a Wage Slave" after a lifetime of working in various industries.

It would be great to say that all employers are created equal and give their employees decent benefits, good working conditions, and pay them what they're worth.

Unfortunately, the employee, to many companies, is one of the most disposable of assets.

After all, there are plenty of people out on the street who will do the job for less.

If a company made an investment in training someone, why would they throw the employee's abilities and work experience out the door?

Too often it's a matter of short-term 'cost savings'. All done to boost the bottom line, impress investors and raise the stock price. Maybe the boss considers the employee a threat to their position.

In the end, the company usually has problems, but management is rarely to blame.

As long as the investors and upper management get to bail out with a profit, it doesn't matter that the employees lost their jobs and sometimes, their pensions.

First video/introduction

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Workplace Hate Crime

Hate crimes in America are on the rise.

We have people who go out of their way to defend their heritage.
How about standing up for someone who was injured in their service to our country.

How many people are going to ask about the crime committed against an Army Lieutenant, a nurse who worked providing comfort and care to military personnel and dependents?

It seems that this incident, attempted murder by a co-worker, has been hushed up, swept under the rug, covered up, use any of those phrases which describe willful deception by the media and those in power.

This should have triggered so many people that it would have been front page news.

Why are we only hearing about it now?

Call, email, write, confront your representatives in Congress.

Ask Trump and Obama.

Both of whom claim to be great supports of our military.

"What the hell happened here?"


Hate in America, Army Style

The Great American Eclipse

Next week at this time, the Great American Eclipse of 2017 will be history. There will be millions of photos, videos, selfies, and commentary.

I've seen a total eclipse from the Netherlands back in 1999. Unfortunately, I didn't take off from work to see it. Totality was further south in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

Standing in the parking lot with my co-workers it was a short but exciting event, in a geeky sort of way. Like they say, 'You had to be there'.

It also seemed to herald a death spiral to my working life.

The job I had was with an American company,doing contract work for another American company at their manufacturing plant. Everything connected with the job was a trial due to my former employer having never worked in Europe. Let's just say that conditions deteriorated rather than improved over time.

Was it due to the eclipse? Probably not, but down through history eclipses have been noted as portents of major changes. My life has changed dramatically since 1999.

I've spent the past 17 years trying to understand how and why America has been become the country we now have, one that appears to be lost, without principles.

A country where liars, cheats, thieves, and scoundrels flourish, and are admired for it.

All things rotten soon collapse.

I am think we are about to see that happen to America.

Friday, February 24, 2017

No Christmas In February, O'Neil & Associates, Inc. Public Service Announncement

Those of you who expected Christmas in February will be disappointed in me.

There will be no presents tomorrow. I have to work on a court filing which has a due date next week.

I may get another Public Service Announcement video in yet this weekend, but don't hold your breath.

My former employer, O'Neil & Associates, Inc. of Dayton, Ohio (ONA) still hasn't paid the Netherlands court judgment. The amount goes up in 5 days, so they should hurry and send the $.

The next ONA Public Service Announcement video will highlight Dutch court proceedings. How ONA tried to smear my name in court. They are such nice people, but I can't recommend them to anyone who's looking for employment.

Remember, only you can prevent wage slavery.

Don't work for nothing! Get what you're worth!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Wage Slave Evolution

It's time for the Wage Slave Evolution.

People in this day and time are fed up with the promises made, but never kept by corporations and politicians.

If the people who do the job aren't being paid for it, who loses?


An evolution of compensation, benefits and rights has to happen.

The alternative is not pretty and it may have disastrous consequences socially and economically.