Tuesday, September 30, 2008


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I'm more than a little angry about this 'bailout' deal!


Welcome to the roller -coaster ride of Wall St. No suicides, homicides or bailouts allowed. Please keep your hands and feet inside the car, sticking your neck out is optional. Just as long as it’s not mine.

Remember, that it’s all about your perception of ‘credit‘. None of the ‘money’ on Wall Street is real, it’s all paper tiger trash. All tangible assets will still be there tomorrow. Your house and city won’t disappear overnight.

This ‘financial meltdown’ is being done to keep you from real issues; lost jobs, wage, health care, and pension erosion, immigration and the wars on drugs and terror. All of which have contributed to this credit, mortgage and bank dilemma.

The root causes of this crisis is deregulation by the government.

There is a simple solution to this problem. It’s listed below and will pay for itself.

1) Immediate levy of an 80% tax on all incomes over 10 million per year.
Tax rate to adjust down to 30% per $100,000. These rates to be in effect for the next four years. If you made big bucks, you should pay big bucks, no exceptions.

EXAMPLE: Rush Limbaugh will have to ‘get by’ on about $27 million from the $105 million that he’s paid. Either amount is ‘lottery’ money to the average American.

Big actors will ‘take home’ 4 million out of their usual 20 million movie salary. Tough, but they’ll survive. Sell a yacht or an extra house. Taxes were higher than this in the 1950’s for millionaires.

2) Immediate 10% reduction on all government contracts. No exceptions. ‘No-bid’ contracts to be reviewed for revision and imposition of limitations.

3) Immediate 10% reduction on all elected officials salaries in the government (Executive, House of Representatives and the Senate) Since they can’t do their jobs, they deserve a pay cut. They’re lucky we can’t fire them outright.

4) Immediate yearly bonus cap for ALL employees, agents, managers or officers of companies, not to exceed 10% of annual salary. No adjustments or exclusions. This to include shares of stock or any other investment instrument.

5) Price gouging fine of 25%, minimum, on all excess profits from market manipulation for any ‘vital necessity’; such as: energy (oil, gas, propane, coal, electricity, etc.), food, health care and products, and clothing. A temporary price cap to be put into place as penalty for a 3-6 month period.

6) 90 Day moratorium on mortgage rates, to be extended as needed, on a monthly basis. This will allow the market to stabilize over the winter, which is a slow time for sales.

7) Minimum 50% equity share in every business that requests assistance from the government. Government to be first to recover investment when asset is liquidated or there is a return on profits.

8) Immediate freeze on stock market. Declare a ‘stock market holiday’ until 6 October for legislation to be enacted, based on proposed actions listed above.

IF no action is taken on a fair and comprehensive restructuring of the financial system, then:


October 7, 2008, is the 243rd anniversary of the Stamp Act Congress.
One of the first attempts to insure the rights of citizens of America. Look it up, read about it, learn our history.


We trust in our government to manage our money and provide for our security. When they don’t, we the people must assert our rights to demand proper service.

The proposal above is not perfect, nor complete. It’s an outline of what needs to be done, without putting the entire burden on the average American.


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30 September 2008 Thomas L. Segerson

Friday, September 19, 2008

01 Wage Slave

Welcome to the fun!

Everyone works at something, whether it's play or employment. Some are lucky enough that their employment is more play than work. Others, finding that they have obligations, allow themselves to be saddled and ridden into the ground. They never find that strength to bust loose and follow their star.

This blog is for all those who have become slaves to a wage. Working to keep things together, food on the table and heat in the house. It's difficult for all of us. Some of us have found a way out of this quagmire, too many will give up, allow themselves to sink into it.

Don't give up hope!

That's the key thing that I can tell you. In the darkest days of my life, I've always fought back, trying to build from whatever shred was left of my dream.

Look at the small things in the universe.
The power that comes from splitting an atom.
The life that is created from an egg and a sperm.

Each has their own, special energy to them.

Destructive and Creative.

What will you use your energy for?

No matter what place in society you occupy, you serve someone, some group or an ideal.

The leader of the most powerful nation on Earth serves his country and his people.

Determine that which is worth dying for because to live your life for nothing makes it a lost cause. Only you can determine what is of value.

Slaving for a wage, doing that which you hate, is no way to spend your life.

I've done it. I don't recommend it.

When you like your work, you enjoy your life.

It's a balancing act. Your own personal high wire routine.

You can't lose, even if you fall.

Because no matter what, you did it your way.