Saturday, September 17, 2016

Wage Slave Evolution

It's time for the Wage Slave Evolution.

People in this day and time are fed up with the promises made, but never kept by corporations and politicians.

If the people who do the job aren't being paid for it, who loses?


An evolution of compensation, benefits and rights has to happen.

The alternative is not pretty and it may have disastrous consequences socially and economically.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

It's an election year..where's Linda Tirado?

Once in a great while, working people wake up and go...."Hell, I'm getting screwed!"

Then, if we're lucky, wonders of wonders, one of them will write a book about it.

This can go over well or flop, dependent on the economy.

Truth be told, most people don't want to admit, much less face up to the facts that they're getting hosed at their job.

Nah, much easier to cruise the 'net, eat another taco and swill some caffeine.

Why try to deal with all that confrontation stuff? Life is enough of a bitch without having to piss off the boss, get fired, then come home and hear about what a moron you are for losing your job.

Take it easy, suck up to the boss. Have a burger.

Until someone like Linda Tirado comes along and rants her way to internet fame. Which she did a great job of, did all the talk shows, went to the White House, all those wage slave dreams.

Now, it's an election year, the big one, presidential and all....not one word.

I've been looking, can't find Linda anywhere.

Did she get bought off? Scared off? Run off to another part of the world?

The wage slaves are ready.

Where are you Linda?