Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wage Slaves Gain Weight, Continue to Lose Money

As Wall Street sets new records, corporations are finding new ways to pass business costs onto employees. The longest running is the health care scam. Big Health, (read the AMA and other organized medical groups) bolstered by Big Pharma, now are turning everything into a disease. If you're a drunk, then you're really an alcoholic. A disease treatable by the medical community. Get a lawyer to fight for you and and you can receive 'disability' payments from the government. Money you can spend on getting drunk. If you're overweigh, then you're obese. Now classified as a disease by the AMA. Which means that they will develop treatments, backed up by drugs. Notice that there's never a cure? That would destroy the money flow. We are being fed junk news, junk food and given junk healthcare. It's no wonder this country is headed for the junkpile. The sad thing is that we get to pay for it, through taxes or insurance, while receiving little or no benefit from a system that now supports healthcare fraud. With the minimum wage now lower than it was (on an inflation adjusted basis) in the 1960s can the working people of this country allow this to continue? I don't think so. There may be some outcry, but for right now, its' been more of a whimper. Of severe economic pain.