Monday, March 16, 2009

Unemployment As HOT TOPIC


Being unemployed is now a really big deal in the good ole USA!

It's everywhere, on the radio, TV, Internet, your local street corner...HEY! Maybe even in your house!

If you're not unemployed, you must be either management, a politician, a crook/drug dealer or a wage slave. Hey, one out of four ain't bad. Just think you could be a crooked politician who used to be in management or maybe a crooked manager who used to be a politician! The possibilities are endless! Of course, as a wage slave, we will read you your rights, if and when you are caught doing something you aren't supposed to be doing. Which we will be sure to insure by writing the rules and regulations in such a manner that you can't possibly do your job and not break one.

I got my eye on you, boy/girl!

Just remember, just 'cause you got a job today, don't mean I'm gonna pay you tomorrow.

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