Friday, December 12, 2008

The Day Your Career Stood Still

Yes, it seems like the world has come to an end.

It has now come crashing down around you. Don't worry, it hasn't, it's only your temporary perception of it. Emphasis on 'temporary perception'.

You just got the news. They might have given you fair warning. More than likely someone showed up at your desk, gave you a few minutes to clean it out and pack up your personal effects, then you were escorted to the door. Jackboot to the seat of your pants, optional.

The shock might not have worn off yet. You’re still in a bit of a daze.
It’s OK. You’re OK. The world has not ended, just your job.

If your work is your world, as it is for many people, then you’re devastated, completely crushed. The problem is the realization that the so-called security of any job is an illusion. Nothing is promised or guaranteed. You’ll have to deal with it.

On the other hand, if you know that life doesn’t revolve around a job, but more importantly the work that you really love, you’ll be better than OK.

You’ll be free.

Free to do as you please, try those things that you didn’t have time for while you were obligated to show up and work for someone else.

No matter how you view this situation, as long as you get up in the morning and get to work, doing something you love, you’ll be fine.

If you think that you can go down to the unemployment office, have them sign you up and give you another security blanket, you’re only kidding yourself.

Respect yourself, be responsible for yourself and find something that you love to do, so you can enjoy your work.

Any job you do that’s a pain is not a career, it’s a prison.

Break out!

Take the chance and taste the freedom.

Give them that pink slip back, it doesn’t look good on you anyway…

Or just have some fun.

Call the ex-boss in a couple of weeks, first thing on a Monday morning.

Tell them, “Thanks for getting me out of there”.

Be polite.

It’ll drive them nuts wondering what you’re up to.

Don't worry, your former co-workers will be calling you, asking what the hell you did to freak out the boss.

Then go do something you love.

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