Friday, December 12, 2008

Terminated You, The Day After

It's now a day later.

You get up, everything seems the same. The sun still shines, rain is wet, the dog did what you didn't want it to do where it isn't supposed to do it.

Another day, yet it's different. You're now an ex-(title/position/doormat) of the ChumpChange Corporation. All your self-respect is as flat and dead as roadkill.

Your anger boileth over. Various thoughts of macabre revenge seep into your usual benign brainwaves. You really don't want to become a Ninja at this stage in your life. Way too much physical training.

Now is the time to cool out. Take a walk and contemplate the future, without that albatross of a company around your neck. There are much better ways to lead your life, try them.

Yes, there will be bills to pay. You might have to take a lesser job, do things you don't like. Just as long as you don't consider them to be the long-term answer to your situation.

Go back to school, even if it's online or at the library. Turn your hobby into a money-maker. Explore life.

You could sell everything and start off on a trip around the world.

I had a friend who walked across the USA. The entire distance. Didn't take any rides, even in the mountains and deserts. People were amazed that he would try something like that. It took almost a year, but he had experiences that will last a lifetime.

The main thing is to not get down on yourself. You might have brought on this termination or it might have been dropped on you by bad business practices or office politics.

The cause doesn't matter. What you do from here, that's the important thing.

As for ChumpChange Corporation?

They'll get their due, sooner or later, one way or another. Nothing, not even the biggest company, lasts forever.

You though, can now get on with your life.

Make the most of it!

(In a previous post, I suggest, jokingly, to call your boss on the following Monday and thank them for terminating you. It's probably not a good thing to do, what with companies all paranoid and tape-recording everything. They might use it against you in the future. It's a sad fact of life that you almost have to use your previous employer as a reference. Who can then 'spin' things. It's something that gives those HR managers the feeling that they can control your life.)

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